4 Awesome Bridal Shower Ideas

Once upon a time bridal showers were held in the bride-to-be’s home in front of handful of guests. Decades later they evolved into elaborate parties—often themed events that can be anything from a super-serious affair with hundreds of guests to a casual barbeque at a park. However, these days the most memorable bridal showers are those that go beyond just being another wedding ritual. A few things that make them memorable are how they were executed, how good the food was, and where they were hosted. For those looking to make a bridal shower more than just another party to attend, here are four awesome bridal shower ideas we hope that will make the occasion unforgettable!

Can’t go wrong with a wine-tasting!

The best thing about this bridal shower idea is that it gives you the chance to host it somewhere else instead of a hall or restaurant. Also, the fun thing about hosting the bridal shower at a vineyard/winery is that all of your guests will be able to sample some unique wines!


The only thing that we suggest is guaranteeing that the bride likes wine, and that all guests are of age. Last but not least, make sure all of your guests have a ride home!

Get artsy with a paint party!

We are not talking about enrolling in an art class—we are talking about hosting a paint party. If you were to Google “paint party company” you will find businesses that specialize in hosting parties where guests will be able to take home their very own 16X20 painting. These can also be held in homes, halls, and restaurants, etc. All you need to do is call and ask where they are able to set up. The parties will prove ideal for bridal showers that have guests of all ages and you don’t even have to be an artist! Not to mention, most of these events allow you to bring all of the food and drinks you want!

It’s time for tea!


Even though this bridal shower theme is the most well-known, we think it is one of the best! Typically, most bridal showers are held between breakfast and lunch. Therefore, this is the perfect time to have an afternoon tea party! Whether or not the bride is British, you can decorate a home, hall, or restaurant to be like a teahouse or host it at one! To make the event even more fun you can encourage guests to wear sun dresses, hats and gloves!

Keep it totally casual with a pool or beach party!

This is perhaps one of the most casual bridal shower ideas. This is perfect for ladies that don’t mind messing up their hair and sipping on some summer-themed cocktails.


However, the only thing you need to be mindful of when having it at the beach is that some places do not allow alcohol!

There are countless themes and ideas that will help make a bridal shower more exciting! If you are all out of luck, contact us here at Northampton Valley Country Club! We have plenty more ideas to share!