3 Ways To Get Your Girlfriend Interested In Golf

It’s rare that you see women playing golf at a public or private course. I’m not saying that ladies never play. But, rather, they’d prefer another way to spend their afternoon. Maybe you’re a guy who wishes to share a special sport with your lady. It can happen and I’m going to give you three ways to make it happen too, if you dare to go that route.

Choosing the right equipment and outfit. Most gals are all about fashion and the way they look. Therefore, you should go shopping for golf attire. I’m telling you, most of the time, it’s pink everything. She’ll probably be more inclined if she’s wearing new clothes. Every girl loves to sport new clothing. Along with a cute outfit, purchase new equipment. You don’t need to spend an arm and a leg for golf clubs, but let her choose. I’m telling you, girls will be more into it if she knows she was helping choose her clubs and how they look.

Patiently explain the game. Shouting at your girlfriend every time she misses the ball or hits a bad shot will put you in in the dog house and that won’t be so pretty. Let’s avoid that. Be sure to stay calm, cool and collected with her and I guarantee she’ll be more receptive and concentrate better. She’ll be more in tune with what you’re saying if you explain in full detail and make her understand it.

Make it a friendly competition. Have each of you choose something once you win and make it competitive so you’re not beating her completely. Tell her if you win you’ll buy dinner and if she does, she can give you a nice massage. Competing in a friendly manner will only make her want to try harder. She might become interested in this sport and want to play with you, which may be good or bad for you!

If you’re in search of a perfect place to play some golf with your gal, I suggest Northampton Valley Country Club! This club provides a spacious environment, beautiful outdoor patio and a huge driving range. You’ll be sure to have a nice afternoon with your significant other!



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