3 Ways Golf Is Beneficial For Your Health

You may view golfing as a leisurely sport, but when it comes down to it, it’s great exercise. You utilize your upper body and core to hit the ball a far distance. You need strength in order to keep the body tight through every swing of an 18 hole round. As humans, we should get at least 30 minutes of cardio 3 to 4 days per week in order to reduce the risk of stroke, bone and heart disease, and arthritis. We’ve provided three ways golf can be beneficial to your health.

A Cardiovascular Work-out.

Walk the course. Don’t rely on a cart or on caddies to carry your equipment. You need all the exercise you can get, so grab that bag and start walking, it’s a great workout carrying the bag all day. Also, golfing requires a ton of walking, so this is another way you work on your cardio as well. Most courses have plenty of hills as well so walking up and down the course can be a full workout.

Improves your sleep.

Since golf is an outdoor activity, the sunlight will provide you with one important nutrient- vitamin. D. You may lack this nutrient in your regular diet, but while golfing, you’ll soak up all the Vitamin D you’ve ever asked for! It can raise energy levels, improve your overall attitude, and generate cell growth. As golfers, you tend to absorb a ton of Vitamin D, which will improve your well-being, and in turn, help to make you sleep better.

Boosts your overall mental health.

We all know how much you interact with other fellow golfers. This social activity will increase your self-esteem and happiness. If you’re feeling depressed, golfing is a perfect way to cure that as well as widen your outlook on life. You’ll feel satisfied and your overall mental health will thank you. Whose mood doesn’t improve after a great day on the course.

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