3 Unique Wedding Guest Book Ideas

The Wedding Guest Book – this is perhaps one of the last things you have listed to get on your wedding to do list.

Also, even though these are meant to be signed by every guest of your wedding, most of the time this little white, black, red, or whatever color book sitting by the front door of you wedding hall is forgotten about.

However, those of you who are looking to entice your guests to sign (as well as not ignore) it, doing something out of the ordinary may be just what you need!

Consider these 3 unique and non-traditional wedding guest book ideas!

Tip Jar

How can a tip jar serve as a wedding guest book?  Well, first you need to acquire a jar that will be big enough to hold all of the tips you will receive from your guests!  This can also be a cute alternative because you can have all of your guest leave a “tip” for a happy marriage!  Third, you and your soon-to-be can decorate the tip jar any way you want!

Wishing Tree

What is a wishing tree?  Wishing trees were first introduced at Dutch weddings.  Instead of having a book, guests are asked to write down their best wishes, as well as any advice or inspiration they have for the couple.

For those couples who are feeling really creative, you can create your very own wishing tree much like the one below:

However, those couples that lack that creative spark can also purchase a wishing tree in many stores both online (such as eBay & Etsy) and offline!

Canvas Art

Do you want to entice your users to sign your guest book in a BIG way?  Well, if you and your fiancé have some change to spare, you can head out to an art-supply store such as Michaels or AC Moore and grab a canvas, easel, paints and some brushes.  With a canvas guest book, your wedding guests will not only have a chance to sign the canvas, but they can also get the chance to paint!  Last but not least, you will be able to take home an original piece of art from your very own wedding!

Do you have a great idea non-traditional wedding guest book idea?  Well, we at Northampton Valley Country Club are all ears!  If you would like to plan a wedding at our country club that is traditional, non-traditional, or a mix of the two, we can definitely help!  After all, wedding planning is our specialty!