3 Tips to Keep in Mind as You Choose Your Maid of Honor

As wedding planners, we know how difficult it can be for brides to choose their maids of honor. What’s more, if you were to ask any former bride how she chose either her best friend or one of her many sisters to be her maid of honor, it is likely that she will give a long and complicated answer or just say, “She just made sense.”

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Inevitably, choosing a maid of honor is not always a simple decision, and that is especially true if you have several close friends and/or sisters to choose from. To make it easier for you to select who should get the job, we suggest that you consider the three following tips:

1. Think deeply about how close you are to each candidate, and whether or not you see her in your future.

While you would like to think that you are equally close to each candidate, it is likely that you are closer to a few more than others. So, one way to start narrowing down your list is to think about the ones who you have a long history with and imagine being in your life forever.

2. Who has always been there for you, and who will give you the most attention.

Most of the time, being maid of honor requires you to be at the beckoning call of the bride. So, before you pick your sister because she has often been there for you, it is important to think about her situation in life. Does she have the time to be there now for you like she always has? Or, would a friend who has been there whenever you’ve asked for help be more ideal?

3. Think about which friends do not usually get offended or emotional about the decisions you make.

This is a time that you need someone to support your decisions, not argue with you about them along the way. Even though you should take your bridesmaids thoughts and feelings into consideration, you need a maid of honor that will not challenge you. If you can pinpoint that one friend or sister that will help execute your vision of the ideal wedding, this is the girl you should choose.

If you are still struggling to choose your maid of honor, you can always pick more than one. In fact, there is no limit of the maid of honors you can have! And, if you were to ask us, you can choose a friend to be one maid of honor, and a sister to be a 2nd maid of honor!

In the end, there is only what feels right to you, and do not let making that decision consume you, or bog you down from making other plans. When in doubt, go with your gut and move on. Everyone will end up having fun in the end and support you on your special day one way or another!

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