3 Tips That Will Make It Easier To Tell Family And Friends That Your Wedding Is Adults-Only

If you and your fiancé have made the decision to make your entire wedding 99% child-free (as in you will have a young ring bearer and flower girl), you might be wondering how to let friends and relatives know that they cannot bring their children. As a venue that has hosted a countless number of Bucks County wedding ceremonies, we have seen weddings both with and without children. When couples ask us for our opinion on whether or not they should invite them, we always tell them it is up to them because each decision has its pros and cons. However, for those of you who do decide to go child-free, and want some advice on how to tell friends and relatives, consider these three tips below.

Make it PERFECTLY clear who is invited when you are writing/typing up the invitations.

If you want to make it extremely CLEAR who is invited, put the name(s) of the individual(s) on the invitation. In fact, if you do not put names on the invitation, many people will assume that they can bring their children. If you are going child-free but don’t want to say you are, because it is, after all, a sensitive subject for some, this is the best route to go. Plus, there is no ambiguity involved with who is and who is invited when the invitation is opened.

Have a wedding website and/or registry? Let people know the wedding is adults only in the content.

These days, a lot of people use wedding websites to update their friends and family members on their wedding “journey,” and also use it as an additional place where guests can RSVP. Furthermore, some couples even use it to provide their guests with information on local hotels, sites, or restaurants they can visit if they are not savvy with the area. So, being that the website is a source of information, couples can also inform guests that their wedding is adults only. This is especially effective for those who do not list it on the invitations but do include the names of who is invited. By viewing it on the website, your guests will no longer be wondering if your wedding is child-free or not.

Reach out to guests you feel will assume their children are invited.

If you and your fiancé have brothers and/or sisters with young children, they might assume that they can bring them. After all, they’re your nieces(s) and nephew(s)! However, if you have already made it clear to your very close friends that they cannot bring their children, it is best to make it clear to them that they cannot bring them as well. What’s more, you should also be prepared to tell them your reasons why you made the decision to make your wedding child-free.

There is no denying that choosing not to invite children to your wedding may cause some rifts, but if your guests know why you decided to go the child-free route, they may be more forgiving.