3 Tips On How To Choose That Perfect Wedding Hairstyle

Choosing your wedding hairstyle – this should be one of the easiest things to do.  However, this seemingly easy part of the wedding planning process can quickly turn into one of the most annoying.

How can choosing a hairstyle for your wedding become an issue?

Well, if you are like most brides, you will want to select a hairstyle that compliments your dress, as well as the length of your hair.

Unfortunately though, many brides pick out a hairstyle before they say “Yes!” to the dress and that once beloved hairstyle might just not look right when all is said and done.  Therefore, in order to alleviate the frustration involved with choosing a wedding hairstyle, we at Northampton Valley Country Club present 3 tips on how to find the right one!

Tip #1 – Like everything else you are doing, plan ahead!

This tip is number one on our list because if you want to guarantee that you are happy with your hair the day of your wedding, you need to plan ahead of time.  We know that most brides like to browse through wedding magazines or do a quick search on Google for “the best wedding hairstyles” but doing just that can be your downfall.  Well, doing that is okay, but you should have a trial run.  Why? Think about this:  You bring that photo to your hairstylist the day of the wedding and find out that it just does not look as good on you as the model in the photograph.   Even worse, the wedding ceremony is just a couple hours away, and you have no time to do your hair over again!  In order to prohibit this from happening, you should (need) to do a trial run.  Just like you would try on wedding dresses until you find the perfect one, you should also be trying different hairstyles.  Doing this will give you an exact look at how your hair will turn out the day of the wedding.  Not to mention, you will know how well (or not) it will go with your wedding dress.

Tip #2 – Choose a hairstyle that will compliment the look of your wedding dress!

When it comes to choosing a wedding hairstyle, there are a lot of things to consider.  One is the neckline of your dress. Why?  Because where the neckline is can dictate which hairstyle will look the best.  For example, those who are wearing a dress with a bateau neckline (one that is close to the collar bone) will probably look the best with an up do that keeps their hair away from their face and neck much like the bride below:

Tip #3 – Choose a wedding hairstyle you like, not just what everyone says looks great.

The benefits of planning ahead and experimenting with hairstyles leads us to our final tip:  Choose a wedding hairstyle that you like!  What we are saying here is:  you are not at the mercy of your dress or another person’s opinion for when it comes time to finally choose that wedding hairstyle.  Inevitably, the day is all about what you want, and how you feel—and you should want to feel great.  People can have their opinions as to what will look the best to them on you, but in the end it is all about what you like!

We firmly believe that if you plan ahead by experimenting with hairstyles, take the look of the dress into consideration, and think about what you want, you will have your go-to wedding hairstyle!

At Northampton Valley Country Club, weddings and everything related to them is our specialty.  For more insight into how to pick out that perfect wedding hairstyle, or to get a tour of our Bucks County wedding venue, please reach out to us today!