3 Tips for How to Pull Off a Great Marriage Proposal

Finding the right way to propose marriage to your girlfriend can be a challenge. Not only are you worried about the answer, but you are worried that the proposal will not be “spectacular” enough for her. If you are looking for some tips to help you take that proposal from simple to unforgettable, here are some things that we suggest you do:

Keep it a surprise!

Most women have that dream marriage proposal idea, so you might be tempted to ask her what it is. Do not ask! If getting engaged or married is something that you have both been discussing for a while, chances are she gave you some hints down the line. And remember, most women will probably like it to be a surprise. In fact, The Knot found that the results of a survey they did on engagements indicated that over 90% of women prefer to stay out of planning the engagement.

Take some time to choose the location.

According to The Knot, they found that most women prefer not to receive a proposal at a restaurant. Also, do not hide the ring in food or put it in a glass of champagne because, believe it or not, some diamond rings have been swallowed! Most women actually prefer their marriage proposal to be where you had your first date, on a vacation, or at a favorite local landmark.

Relax and remember that she loves you!

If you feel comfortable and happy enough in your relationship to go out and buy the ring that will make her your “one and only,” the chances are that she will be happy with how you plan the proposal. But, that does not mean forget about the two things we mentioned above!

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