3 Things You Can Do To Help Save Money On Your Wedding

According to CostofWedding.com, the average wedding in the US costs a little over $25,000. For some, spending the average amount of money is within their budget, but for others, having a wedding that costs over twenty grand is too much for them to afford. Inevitably, those who want to have a nice wedding at a well-known venue with great food, flowers, decorations, entertainment and more will find that they will be spending a lot of money. In fact, booking the venue and the catering company alone can be well over their limit!

For those of you who want to have that big wedding but have a small budget, there is hope. There are many ways that you can save money, and here are three things we at Northampton Valley Country Club suggest that you do:

Have your wedding during off-peak times and choose another day besides Saturday.

Even though having a wedding while it’s cold outside doesn’t seem ideal, those who have them during off-peak times while have the chance to shave 20-30% off the final cost of the wedding venue. It’s harder for venues to find couples who prefer to have their wedding from November to February. To entice more couples to wed during the winter, most venues offer huge discounts because making some money is better than making no money.

Saturday is often the preferred day to have a wedding because it is the most convenient for everyone. But, just like some venues will offer discounts for having a wedding during off-peak times, some will also offer a discount to those who have it during other days of the week.

Believe it or not, you can skip the main course and just serve drinks and appetizers.

As long as you keep the drinks flowing and have plenty of appetizers, your guests probably will not mind the lack on an entrée.


On the other hand you can serve one big meal, skip the appetizers, and offer beer, wine, and a signature cocktail. Also, if having a champagne toast isn’t that big of a deal to you and your fiancé, skipping out on this wedding tradition will save you a couple hundred bucks.

Choose flowers that are in season, and do your research!

Did you know that roses are cheaper to purchase than peonies? If you didn’t, we suggest you do some research before you pick your flowers because some are certainly cheaper than others. Also, use flowers that are in season.


Florists who have to create wedding flower arrangements from out of season flowers will jack up the price.

As an all-inclusive wedding venue, we at Northampton Valley Country Club will do everything and anything to help couples save money on the total cost of their wedding.

We have a list of Recommended Vendors that includes florists, photographers, DJ/bands, caterers, and much more. To hear more about coordinating a wedding at Northampton Valley Country Club, please do not hesitate to call us at ANY time!