3 Things That Will Help You Have Better Golf Etiquette

If there is one other thing that we know about at Northampton Valley Country Club besides planning eloquent weddings at our premier venue, it is showcasing our scenic 18-hole golf course in the beautiful countryside of Bucks County to show how the game of golf should be played!

One of the things so great about the game of golf is that there is no supervision most of the time, so it’s a gentlemen’s game that should be played honestly.  There is no referee, there is no umpire, players are expected to follow the rules of the game and be respectful and courteous to one another.  However, there are those that do not know proper golf etiquette, or just don’t want to abide by the rules.

If you want to play a proper game of golf, here are some things that you can keep in mind so that every game of golf you play is an enjoyable experience not only for you, but everyone else you are playing with and around you.

Watch Where You Step, Stand, & Swing

In order to maintain the safety of yourself and the other golfers as you play, one of the things that you need to remember is that you should make sure other golfers are out of range while you swing.  The last thing you want to do is hit someone with your club that is standing behind or in front of you.  So, check around you before you swing!

Be Considerate Of Other Players

Just like you wouldn’t want someone distracting you as you take a swing at the ball, you should not disturb the other players by making any unnecessary noises or movements.  Save the talk for the down time or when someone is not taking a swing at their golf ball.  Another thing that you should do is also put your cellphone on silent—plus do that for any other electronic devices you have on you!

Maintain A Good & Steady Pace

It is important to maintain a good pace for your golf game because there are also others who are trying to play on the course at the same time as you are.  Even though there are different tee times for other players throughout the day, this does not mean that you have a huge window between each of them.  It is important to make sure that you stay consistent as you play the game because taking too long can affect the other players on the course and it may lead to the ranger asking you to leave the course!

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