2016: The Year to Get in to Golf

So you’re thinking it might finally be time. You’ve been thinking about it for a few years. Some of your friends and coworkers do it. It doesn’t seem so bad. Sometimes they do it after work or over the weekend. It doesn’t affect their performance at work, except when they get caught practicing in their office. Yes, you’re thinking it’s time to check out one of the golf courses in Bucks County, PA.



To an outsider, golf doesn’t look as difficult as many other sports. You just hit a ball a couple of hundred yards and try to get it in a small hole. How hard can it be? Really, really hard.

2016 is probably one of the best years to get into golf in over a decade. The older golf greats like Phil Mickelson and Tiger Woods are making their way towards the end of their professional careers, and a new class of players are making their way into the spotlight. Rory McIlroy and Rickie Fowler are well on their way to becoming household names if they aren’t already. This year, for the first time in a decade, golf will be played on primetime network television as McIlroy and Fowler face off under-the-lights. Golf is experiencing a resurgence in a very big way.

Major sports figures, celebrities and even politicians are playing golf, generating a huge amount of press and crossover appeal. From the stories about actors, Anthony Anderson and Samuel L. Jackson playing golf with Donald Trump, to stars Justin Timberlake and Bill Murray playing in the Pebble Pro-Am, it seems like everyone is getting in on golf. Even Basketball greats like Michael Jordan and Steph Curry are getting in on the game.

For those new to the game, 2016 offers a plethora of new and better golf gear as well. Of course, new clubs and clothes are always being released, but some recent advances in technology have prompted a few new interesting pieces of gear. “Non-conforming” drivers and range finders offer to make the game a little easier for everyone regardless of skill level.

2016 is a new and exciting frontier for the game of golf, making it a great time to start learning a game you can enjoy with friends and coworkers for years and maybe even pick up a golf membership in Bucks County, PA.