2 Tips On How To Make Your Wedding Planning Less Stressful


Planning a wedding is stressful, especially if it is done last minute!

Northampton Valley Country Club has played host to a countless number of weddings in Bucks County, and one thing we would like to stress is that planning ahead will lead to success!

Luckily we are also an all-inclusive venue, so with us, you do not have to outsource anything.  We handle it all!  You do not have to spend your time looking for a caterers, flowers, etc., we can plan and do everything for you!

Therefore, it seems fitting that we know a thing or two about what it takes to plan a Bucks County wedding, and would thus like to offer two tips for making it less stressful for you!

Remember, Your Wedding Is A Celebration Of Love!

The best tip we have to offer is that you should be thinking of your wedding as a celebration!  People become so consumed with the dollar amount that they often forget the fundamental purpose of their wedding—to be a celebration of the coming together of two people in love!

Don’t let yourself become consumed with worrying about how much you are spending on flowers, your dress, or the food etc., as this can lead to a stressful planning process and wedding day.  What we suggest is taking a moment to smile (and breathe) plus remember that it is also a “party” in which your friends and loved ones are attending to celebrate the start of you and your fiancé’s life together!

Don’t Be Afraid Of Breaking Free From Tradition!

One thing about Northampton Valley Country Club is that we allow our clients to break free from the traditional wedding ceremony.  Therefore, another thing we suggest is not worrying about tradition!  Do not stress out about whether or not you should throw the bouquet, or that you need to find enough bridesmaids to match the number of groomsmen your fiancé has!  Just because you have read about and been to other weddings where everything is coordinated just to appease tradition, it does not mean that yours has to be!  The great thing about planning a wedding during this day and age is that there are a countless number of ways in which you can go about executing it!  Just ask us at Northampton Valley Country Club—we have certainly seen our share of unique weddings that go beyond being even “non-traditional!”

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