2 Tips On How To Maintain Good Golf Etiquette During A Business Golf Outing

If you are golfing for the very first time and are playing with some experienced golfers, you need to make sure you are following the proper etiquette.

Following the proper etiquette during a round of golf is important—especially if it is for a business meeting or charity event.

Why?  Because it can ensure you are able to finish the match in a timely manner as well as make a positive impression on those you are golfing with.  After all, we at Northampton Valley Country Club know how much more fun and how much quicker the match goes when everyone knows the proper etiquette!

Strive To Keep Up the Pace

While some matches can certainly move slower than others, it is still important to maintain a good pace.  This is especially true when you are at a business golf outing because you are all taking time out of your “normal” work day to meet for this event.  To ensure that you are able to keep up with the pace of normal play, we recommend that you get in some practice to make sure you are not holding up the rest of the group.  Also, always be prepared and ready to take your next shot.  Even though most of the talk will be about business as you golf, it is very important to recognize when it is your shot so that the pace of play keeps moving.

Don’t Be Overly Dramatic and Keep your Temper

Playing golf can be extremely frustrating.  It can be frustrating if you are not playing to the ability that you had hoped, or you just be having a bad day on the course.  While you might have the urge to curse and slam your golf clubs on the ground, it’s not the best etiquette—especially if you are golfing with business associates.  If you feel the need to vent, it’s always better to take it out on the ball on your next drive.  Also, while this might sound cliché—think positive thoughts.  The largest part of golf is the mental game, plus, not everyone is perfect.  We can’t all play like Tiger Woods!