2 Tips On How To Find The Perfect Dress For Your Flower Girl

As wedding planners, we know that December is one of the most popular months for couples to get engaged.  For some, late December and January is also the time when most couples begin planning their wedding.  While choosing the venue is often at the top of the list, there are other things to consider, such as the dresses, shoes, food, decorations, flowers, etc.  In fact, one particular thing that we thought we would discuss is the Flower Girl.

Even though some weddings are lacking its traditional Flower Girl these days, those that do have them are probably looking for ways to guarantee that she carries out her duties as well as looks and feels comfortable.  Therefore, we thought it would be great to share two tips on how to find the perfect dress for your Flower Girl!

Find Her Something Comfortable!

For those of us that have children, we know that many of them get antsy.  This is especially true if we dress them up in something that is cute but is also very uncomfortable.  In order to ensure that she is able to walk down that aisle without a peep, we STRONGLY suggest that you have her try on a handful of different dresses and shoes.  We know that while most brides have a strong tendency to control anything and everything regarding what the bridal party is wearing, it might be best to compromise for your Flower Girl.  The last thing you need is her itching and stumbling down the aisle because she is so distracted with how she feels.  Plus, we all know how distracted children can get in general!

Ask Her What She Likes!

This also goes along with being comfortable and the fact that you should have her trying on different dresses.  Even though most will not feel one way or another about what they look like, you can ask her what her favorite color is.  Traditionally, the Flower Girl dress is ivory or white—but that is not to say that it has to be.  In fact, if you are looking for some great colors, check out The Knot.  They have dresses that come in black, brown, blue, and purple, as well a diverse amount of designers to select from.  Also, as you browse for dresses, don’t forget to have your Flower Girl join in on the fun.  After all, you picked her to be your Flower Girl for a reason, not because you had to!