2 Tips On How To Calm Those Nerves On Your Wedding Day

Although your wedding day is supposed to be a day of complete and utter bliss, sometimes it can also end up being very stressful—especially if things aren’t going as perfectly as you planned!

So, How Can You Keep Calm On Your Wedding Day?!

To help keep your stress level down, we thought it would be helpful to provide these two tips that will (hopefully) calm your nerves.

Enjoy a Drink (Or 2) As You Wait To Say “I Do”

Most brides start their wedding day early enjoying some Mimosas and/or Blood Mary’s (to keep calm as well as celebrate) with their bridesmaids as they get ready.  However, as the day goes on, that perfect itinerary you may have intended to follow can fall into disarray.  We know that some bridesmaids can be tardy, hair and makeup preparations and can take longer than expected, the limo might get lost or stuck in traffic, etc. So, one way we suggest to keep calm is to enjoy another drink or two (but not too many)!  A lot of country clubs (like Northampton) also provide champagne to the bridal party before the ceremony begins just for that very reason—to help keep you relaxed!

This Might Sound Odd – But Reminisce!

Before you start to get really upset, take a moment, close your eyes and then think about how you got to this day.  Think about when you and your fiancé had your first date, your first kiss and when you first said those three big words, “I love you.”

If you take a few minutes to think about all of those happy moments that got you to your big day, the little things you see going wrong won’t mean as much.  Plus, you will remember what this day is truly all about – a celebration of you and your fiancé’s love and commitment to each other!