2 Creative Wedding Food Ideas

Are you looking to go beyond just the traditional chicken or fish wedding dinner?  Do you want to get creative with your wedding menu?  Well, we at Northampton Valley Country Club can help!  We have planned many weddings that have included out of the ordinary food options (aside from our regular menu options) such as a bacon bar, s’mores bar, Philly pretzel station, assorted Tastycakes station, assorted cupcake station and much more!

However, we thought it would be great to give couples a look at two other creative wedding food ideas that we found listed on The Knot!

Savor The Taste Of Some Sweet Popsicle Cocktails!

Are you looking for a cool treat for guests of your summer wedding (who are 21 and over) to enjoy?  Well, why not try some popsicle cocktails?!  Great for both cocktail hour and/or dessert, your wedding’s popsicle cocktails can be made from any of you or your fiancé’s favorite frozen drinks!  Some of the ones on your menu could include Pina Colada pops, Sangria pops, Mudslide pops and more.  In fact, practically any frozen drink you can think of can be turned into a delicious ice pop!

Do-It-Yourself Guacamole Dip!

Guacamole is (usually) a healthy dip that many people enjoy with their favorite tortilla chips.  Also, most restaurants serve it pre-made, or have it made tableside right in front of the customer where the chef mixes the ingredients into the guacamole. Therefore, why not give your wedding guests the option to make their guacamole any way they want with a do-it-yourself guacamole dip bar?  This will allow your guests to include any amount of avocado, onions, peppers, lime, cilantro, etc. that they want in their dip!

At Northampton Valley Country Club, we always strive to go above and beyond to make sure that couples are able to personalize their wedding as much as possible.  To see some examples of some special food items that we have made for our clients in the past, please check out our Instagram account:  http://instagram.com/northamptonvalleycountryclub.  Also, if you have any questions about what we can or cannot provide as part of a cocktail, dinner or dessert menu, please feel free to reach out to us via phone or email!