2 Bridal Shower Theme Ideas For Your Best Friend’s Wedding

We all know that weddings have themes and are becoming more “non-traditional” than they ever were before.  However, you should not forget that your duty as a bridesmaid or mother of the bride also means that you should be planning a bridal shower.  While you don’t have to have a theme for this event, the shower should still be somewhat of a reflection of the bride’s personality.  For those who are looking for some bridal shower ideas or themes, here are 2 things that you and the bride might like (of course this also depends upon her personality):

Make It Like A Tea Party!

Many bridal showers take place during the middle part of the day.  So, having a tea party themed shower means that not only do you offer afternoon tea, but you can offer a delicious assortment of brunch options such as scones, cupcakes, cookies, fresh fruits, and even a mimosa fountain!  Whether or not you are renting out a venue (like Northampton Valley Country Club) for a couple of hours or having a backyard affair, something you can do for decorations is buy tea lights, doilies, and various other tea party themed decorations.  As far as bridal party favors go, you can offer guests the option of taking home an assortment of tea that they can enjoy on another occasion!

Have A Wine Tasting Event!

This type of party can either be casual or elegant.  Just like that of a tea party, it can also be hosted on site at a Vineyard or Winery, or you can also have it at someone’s home.  As far as decorations go, they can be simple ones such as flowers, and even various little chocolates placed on the tables that guests can enjoy as they sip from their wine glasses.  Wine is the central theme of this party, so choosing a variety of kinds for guests to sample is essential to its success.   Cheese is also a great food option, but others you can have can include crackers, chips, fresh fruit, salad, and of course other sweet desserts!

If you are unsure of the type of bridal shower that the bride may want, or you don’t think she will be happy, all you need to do is ask!  Getting some ideas from her will certainly ease some of the stress associated with planning the bridal shower!

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