2 Beginner Tips For Female Golfers

Northampton Valley County Club offers an exceptional, challenging and scenic golf course in Bucks County.  Golfers from all over the Tri-state area have visited us, and they have had nothing but great things to say about our rolling fairways, plush greens and beautiful landscape.

As one of the area’s premier golf clubs, we have seen many different types of golfers play on our course.  While it mostly seems to be a sport dominated by men, a recent survey done by The National Golf foundation indicated that nearly half of the two million new golfers in the USA were women.  They also found that women were golfing because it is a leisure activity, and it that it is also an enjoyable way to conduct business meetings—much like men already do!

To help beginner female golfers get into the game of golf more easily, here are two things we suggest:

1. Find the right equipment –   If you are dedicated to taking yourself from beginner to expert, one thing we suggest is investing in the right set of golf clubs.  Don’t just buy the most expensive clubs, test them out before you buy them.  You can also test out clubs by going to a practice facility and getting your measurements done to make sure they are fitted to your size and frame.

2. Take lessons and practice – Do not expect yourself to learn all of the fundamental techniques of golf without taking lessons. Making a small investment at a practice facility that employs an instructor will also allow you to learn all aspects of the game.  Plus, it will also allow you to avoid all of the “suggestions” that other golfers may have for you as you go and swing at the ball for the very first time!

If you would like to learn the basics of golf, Northampton Valley Country Club offers private lessons that are available for any ability or age!

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