1 Way To Go About Gathering Songs For Your Wedding Playlist

While we would like to think that music is universal—that everybody will have nothing bad to say about your music taste—chances are that you will have people not completely agree with all the songs as they dance and listen to your wedding playlist.  While the first dance song is certainly you and your fiancé’s right to choose, you may want to ask those that are attending your wedding for some ideas about what they would like to hear throughout the reception.  In fact, doing this will prohibit most people from leaving early, or sitting down at their tables drinking cocktails and taking full advantage of the open bar instead of filling up the dance floor.

1 way to go about gathering songs for your wedding playlist:

You and your fiancé are choosing songs for your playlist and know exactly what you like, but also want to gather some ideas from other people that will be attending.  The first thing you can do to gather songs for your playlist is to ask all of those who are in your bridal party for some ideas.  We believe this is a good approach because like you, they put a lot of money towards the occasion and would probably feel appreciated if they were allowed to give their two cents.  Plus, a lot of them bring a guest and will probably ask the guest what he or she likes!

Aside from asking the bridal party what they would like to hear, you can also ask your parents and other people that are attending the wedding.  It may seem like a no-brainer, but what we are trying to say is ASK ASK ASK.  Don’t assume that everyone is going to be thrilled with your music selection and just accept that it is what it is.  If you don’t take some time to see how everyone feels, you may just leave them with a distasteful sound in their ears.  In the end, it’s all about compromise and everyone having a great time!